Sacha and Chris on stage presenting micro-services architecture and cloud-native apps.

Roadshow Zurich

As follows my takeaways:

  • It’s all about scalability, faster Service Delivery, increased Service Quality and reducing risk
  • The beauty of OpenShift is that it is suited to develop and run microservices as well as stateful applications. Think about all your JEE workload you can lift and shift to OpenShift.
  • OpenShift comes with cloud-Native capabilities but does not limit you to Cloud Native apps.
  • OpenShift runs everywhere: on-premise in the private data center,  in the private or public cloud. There are as well managed environments on Azure, Google and Microsoft to name a few.
  • OpenShift commons is a huge community for everybody interested in OpenShift – individual and corporate contributors
  • You can reuse your existing CI/CD Pipeline with OpenShift.
  • Chris is introducing the istio community project for OpenShift. Great think about istio is that Circuit Breaking, intelligent load balancing, … is handled outside of your application code.
  • OpenShift comes with many cloud-native runtimes. You can choose from
  • Leverage the OpenShift Innovation Labs to implement an MVP or to speed up OpenShift adoption


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