I would like to have had a technology like Ansible Tower when I was running my own hosting company a decade ago. @Sacha, @Pesche: You really impressed me and the auditorium.


Key Takeaways from the talk:

  • Using Ansible playbooks for automation will provide you with the following benefits: everything is documented, You know the state of all your IT environment, Auditability, Changes are traceable, Reproducibility, Reporting, Standartization, Ansible playbooks are simple and human readable. Ansible is agent-less. Ansible is version controlled
  • Ansible benefits from a huge community. Ansible ships with over 1250 modules, to name a few: AWS, Azure, Docker, Google, OpenStack, OpenSwitch, Slack, …
  • You can leverage Ansible as well for Windows workloads
  • Ansible Tower is an enterprise framework for controlling, securing, managing and extending your Ansible automation. It comes with a UI and a RESTFul API. With the API you can automate the automation. Think e.g. about automation with your external services and applications.
  • Ansible Tower provides
    • role-based access control
    • deployment of entire applications with a push-button deployment
    • centrally logging of all applicationn
  • @mumenthalerp, @DuboisSacha70: great life demo deploying WordPress and Maria DB on Microsoft Azure with Ansible.

IMG_3400 2

If you want to run the demo yourself you find the resources here: https://github.com/sa-ch/ansible-azure-deployment.

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