As follows a summary of the presentation

  • Agile Software Development is about automation and standardization
  • Containers getting pervasive
  • A container contains more than an app. There is as well a part of infrastructure components co-packed (such as, e.g. the application server). Therefore the testing has to be extended to test containers. Responsibility will change. The development team will take over responsibility for parts of the infrastructure. The responsibility of the infrastructure team will change as well. They will care more about application aspects, such as scalability, CI/CD,…
  • The path to cloud-native apps
    • You need an organization who is willing to adopt DevOps
    • Self Service is one of the key assets for the developers. Blue/Green Deployments/ Canary Deployments, … are offered out of the box by OpenShift
  • For developers OpenShift brings
    • Self Service Provisioning
    • Consistent environments
    • Automated builds and deploys. Jenkins is widely adopted
    • CI/CD pipelines
    • Configuration Management
    • App Logs and Metrics
  • OpenShift is a true polyglot platform
    • But don’t forget about the governance
  • Interaction with OpenShift
    • Deploy your source code
    • Deploy your app binary
    • Deploy your container image


Life Demo:

  • Chris shows OpenShift and great pipeline example. The whole build fully automated on OpenShift
  • Cojan shows cloudbees Operation Center running on OpenShift
  • Cojan creates a Jenkins Master on OpenShift



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