This was in my personal opinion the greatest OpenShift roundtable ever in Switzerland. It was such a great atmosphere. The OpenShift roundtable has grown to a highly engaged user group with over 150+ OpenShift enthusiasts and super interesting talks.

A big thank you to Chris Eberle, Daniela Boes, Daniel Sokic,  Simon Reber, the whole SA team, SSA team, engineering team & the OpenShift community for organizing and supporting this event and a big thank you to all the contributors and OpenShift enthusiasts.

As follows I shortly recap the program:

Simon Reber installed life OpenShift 4. After thirty minutes we got a stable running environment.  @Simon: I’m very impressed. As a bonus, Simon deployed an app for voting on the OpenSpaces topics. As follows the voting results. As expected the user group was mostly interested in Istio and OpenShift 4. Operators and databases were hot topics as well.


Simon K. has shared with us his experience with the OpenShift High touch beta program and how important Operators are to manage their onsite services. According to Simon Operators are working really well on AWS and are key for automating day-2 Operations. According to him the cluster Operator is the most exciting feature.

Chris Eberle has shared with us the OpenShift 4 roadmap. Main Learnings from his talk were: There is a big focus to simplify Day 2 Operations. The immutable Infrastructure with Red Hat Core OS and the Operator Framework are important aspects for this simplification.

Finally, Windows containers are coming 🙂 and the installation experience is great as Simon has already proved live. Other great features of OpenShift are the OperationHub, Federation, and Container Native Virtualization. With the later, we can finally run virtual machines on Containers.

For the developers, the Code ready Workspaces – a browser-based IDE was definitely from big interest. But as well for the engineers which don’t have to hassle anymore with local installations.

A hot topic was as well Quarkus the new application server.

I’m really impressed with all these new features and looking forward to General Availability.



And finally, Thomas Heute gave us the long-awaited introduction and demo of Istio (Service Mash). He demoed Istio in a soccer game running on OpenShift.

After great sessions, life demos, and OpenSpaces, we got our well-deserved apéro where the interesting talks continued  🙂

After the Apéro the whole community got invited by our partner Vision to an OpenShift beer.

It’s really impressive how great the OpenShift adaption is in Switzerland:-)

Looking forward to the feedback and make the next roundtable even better:-)


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