OpenSource is culture

To foster our culture in the Red Hat ALPS region we have organized a charity Run for the #WeAreRedHatWeek. In #WeAreRedHatWeek we are celebrating each year our culture.

For this year we wanted to organize something special, inclusive, fun, and active where everybody can contribute and we wanted to give back to society. The charity run was born.

Always start with a purpose

We organized the run of the “OpenSource Way” leveraging the OpenDecision Framework. The OpenDecision Framework in a few words is a technique to get the buy-in from all stakeholders when it comes to decision making

As a small team of volunteers, we collected ideas and inputs from the entire ALPS region and discussed the pros and cons of the ideas.

Let the ideas sparkle 

We discussed how to collect money and to which organization we should donate. With the support of the ALPS community, we came up with two very promising organizations we wanted to support.

For each km run, we collect money for charity paid by the ALPS management team.

We’ve got a lot of positive feedback and great ideas which we will evaluate for next year.

Among them

  • Open the run as well for swimmers and bikers (km/7). Put a penalty on the bikers and a win for the swimmers (km*7).
  • Leverage the partner ecosystem for the Open Run. We can print sponsored partner T-Shirts for the run to create even more awareness

This is how OpenSource Works. The best idea wins. Let the ideas sparkle.

Share your ideas

And most important share good ideas, so everybody can contribute

Celebrate success 

It’s important to celebrate success. We have organized a virtual celebration and created a video for all the participants. You find the video in the following post:


Looking forward to more contributors to make the next year run a huge success.